Commit 0ab42164 authored by Philip Trettner's avatar Philip Trettner
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fixed weighted avg

parent 8ec5e70e
......@@ -255,8 +255,8 @@ auto smart_range<this_t, ElementT>::weighted_avg(FuncT&& f, WeightT&& w) const -
auto it = static_cast<this_t const*>(this)->begin();
POLYMESH_ASSERT(it.is_valid() && "requires non-empty range");
auto e = *it;
decltype(f(e) + f(e)) s = f(e);
auto ws = w(e);
decltype(f(e) + f(e)) s = f(e) * ws;
static_assert(tmp::can_divide_by<decltype(s), decltype(ws)>::value, "Cannot divide sum by weight. (if glm is used, including <glm/ext.hpp> might "
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