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assume triangles as given. should not serve as a complete working example

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...@@ -47,21 +47,12 @@ Add Triangle Faces to Mesh ...@@ -47,21 +47,12 @@ Add Triangle Faces to Mesh
:: ::
// given:
// std::vector<tg::triangle3> tris;
pm::Mesh m; pm::Mesh m;
auto pos = pm::vertex_attribute<tg::pos3>(m); auto pos = pm::vertex_attribute<tg::pos3>(m);
const auto n = 10;
std::vector<tg::triangle3> tris;
// some box to sample random positions
const auto box = tg::box3(tg::aabb3({-n, -n, -n}, {n, n, n}));
tg::rng rng;
// create random triangles
for (auto i = 0u; i < n; ++i)
tris.emplace_back(tg::triangle3(tg::uniform(rng, box), tg::uniform(rng, box), tg::uniform(rng, box)));
for (auto const& tri : tris) for (auto const& tri : tris)
{ {
/// add vertices to topology /// add vertices to topology
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