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......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ A quick guide for which ``#include <...>`` directives are commonly needed:
Umbrella header for all built-in mesh algorithms.
Individual algorithms can be found in ``polymesh/algorithms/*``.
Basic topological and geometrical properties like face area, valence, and angle defect.
......@@ -435,9 +435,11 @@ struct halfedge_collection : smart_collection<Mesh*, halfedge_tag, iterator>
/// O(valence) computation
[[deprecated("use pm::are_adjacent instead")]] bool exists(vertex_handle v_from, vertex_handle v_to) const;
/// Collapsed the given half-edge by removing it, keeping the to_vertex, and creating new triangles
/// Collapsed the given half-edge by removing it, keeping the to_vertex
/// Preserves half-edge properties but not face or vertex ones
/// Similar to a vertex collapse of the `from` vertex with triangulation towards `to`
/// This function never creates, only deletes faces, edges, vertices (depending on case)
/// NOTE: this should work for all topologies as long as the result is manifold
/// can be checked with pm::can_collapse(h)
void collapse(halfedge_handle h) const;
/// Splits this half-edge in half by inserting a vertex (which is returned)
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