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some more topo properties

parent 9c1d0adc
......@@ -23,21 +23,37 @@ namespace polymesh
/// returns true if the vertex lies at a boundary
bool is_boundary(vertex_handle v);
bool is_vertex_boundary(vertex_handle v);
/// returns true if the face lies at a boundary
bool is_boundary(face_handle v);
bool is_boundary(face_handle f);
bool is_face_boundary(face_handle f);
/// returns true if the edge lies at a boundary
bool is_boundary(edge_handle v);
bool is_boundary(edge_handle e);
bool is_edge_boundary(edge_handle e);
/// returns true if the half-edge lies at a boundary (NOTE: a half-edge is boundary if it has no face)
bool is_boundary(halfedge_handle v);
bool is_boundary(halfedge_handle h);
bool is_halfedge_boundary(halfedge_handle h);
/// returns true if the vertex has no neighbors
bool is_isolated(vertex_handle v);
bool is_vertex_isolated(vertex_handle v);
/// returns true if the edge has no neighboring faces
bool is_isolated(edge_handle v);
bool is_isolated(edge_handle e);
bool is_edge_isolated(edge_handle e);
/// returns the vertex valence (number of adjacent vertices)
int valence(vertex_handle v);
/// returns true iff face is a triangle
bool is_triangle(face_handle f);
/// returns true iff face is a quad
bool is_quad(face_handle f);
/// returns true iff all faces are triangles
bool is_triangle_mesh(Mesh const& m);
/// returns true iff all faces are quads
bool is_quad_mesh(Mesh const& m);
/// returns the area of the (flat) polygonal face
template <class Vec3, class Scalar = typename field_3d<Vec3>::Scalar>
Scalar face_area(face_handle f, vertex_attribute<Vec3> const& position);
......@@ -120,6 +136,12 @@ inline bool is_edge_isolated(edge_handle e) { return e.is_isolated(); }
inline int valence(vertex_handle v) { return v.adjacent_vertices().size(); }
inline bool is_triangle(face_handle f) { return f.halfedges().size() == 3; }
inline bool is_quad(face_handle f) { return f.halfedges().size() == 5; }
inline bool is_triangle_mesh(Mesh const& m) { return m.faces().all(is_triangle); }
inline bool is_quad_mesh(Mesh const& m) { return m.faces().all(is_quad); }
template <class Vec3, class Scalar>
Scalar triangle_area(face_handle f, vertex_attribute<Vec3> const& position)
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