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......@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ Some properties transform complete attributes, like ``pm::vertex_normals_by_area
Property functions live in the ``polymesh::`` namespace and can thus often be found via `argument-dependent lookup <>`_.
For example, ``valence(v)`` is the same as ``pm::valence(v)`` for ``pm::vertex_handle v``.
All defined properties can be found in :ref:`topological-properties-ref`, :ref:`geometric-properties-ref`, or directly in ``<polymesh/properties.hh>``.
Motivating example: ::
#include <polymesh/properties.hh>
......@@ -56,7 +58,7 @@ And some properties compute otherwise useful mesh information such as
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::euler_characteristic
All defined properties can be found in :ref:`topological-properties-ref` or directly in ``<polymesh/properties.hh>``.
All defined topological properties can be found in :ref:`topological-properties-ref` or directly in ``<polymesh/properties.hh>``.
Geometric Properties
......@@ -74,4 +76,30 @@ For example:
This ``pm::face_area`` function takes a ``face_handle`` and a 3D position attribute and compute the area of the polygonal face (assuming that it is planar).
The ``Scalar`` template parameter defaults to the scalar type of the position attribute but can be explicitly provided if the result is desired in a different type (e.g. a ``float`` based position but a ``double`` face area).
Similar to the topological ones, there are per-primitive properties, like
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::edge_length(edge_handle, vertex_attribute<Pos3> const&)
and there are properties that compute new attributes for the whole mesh, like
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::cotan_weights
Polymesh tries to support (planar) polygons where possible, though some computations are considerably faster when specialized on triangles.
Generally, ``face_`` versions work on polygons while ``triangle_`` versions assume a triangular face.
For example
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::face_centroid
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::triangle_centroid
Finally, some properties answer geometry-related queries, like
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::is_delaunay
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::can_collapse_without_flips
All defined geometric properties can be found in :ref:`geometric-properties-ref` or directly in ``<polymesh/properties.hh>``.
......@@ -139,6 +139,62 @@ Topological Properties
.. doxygenfunction:: can_add_or_get_edge(halfedge_handle, halfedge_handle)
.. _geometric-properties-ref:
Geometric Properties
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::face_area
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::face_centroid
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::face_normal
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::triangle_area
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::triangle_centroid
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::triangle_normal
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::triangle_normal_unorm
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::bary_interpolate
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::edge_length(edge_handle, vertex_attribute<Pos3> const&)
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::edge_length(halfedge_handle, vertex_attribute<Pos3> const&)
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::edge_vector
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::edge_dir
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::angle_to_next
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::angle_to_prev
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::angle_defect
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::cotan_weight
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::vertex_voronoi_areas
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::vertex_normals_uniform
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::vertex_normals_by_area
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::face_normals
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::triangle_normals
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::triangle_areas
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::cotan_weights
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::barycentric_coordinates
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::is_delaunay
.. doxygenfunction:: polymesh::can_collapse_without_flips
Low-Level API
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