Commit a3ab14df authored by Julius Nehring-Wirxel's avatar Julius Nehring-Wirxel
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Fixed documentation.

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......@@ -12,12 +12,13 @@ unique_array<pos3f> add_unit_dodecahedron_impl(Mesh& m);
namespace polymesh::objects
/// Adds a (subdivided) ico_sphere to the given mesh
/// Adds a dodecahedron to the given mesh.
/// Note: This will not triangulate the mesh!
/// sf is called with (v, x, y, z), with vertex handle v and coordinates (x,y,z) on the unit sphere
template <class SphereF>
vertex_handle add_dodecahedron(Mesh& m, SphereF&& sf);
/// same as add_cube but directly fills a position attribute
/// same as add_dodecahedron but directly fills a position attribute
template <class Pos3>
vertex_handle add_dodecahedron(Mesh& m, vertex_attribute<Pos3>& pos);
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