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Sometimes, algorithms want to manipulate the half-edge data structure directly and bypass the high-level API.
This can be done by using the helper function :func:`polymesh::low_level_api` which returns a simple wrapper object that can be used for manipulating the internals of a :class:`polymesh::Mesh`.
The API is split into two parts, :class:`polymesh::low_level_api_base` for queries (const Mesh) and :class:`polymesh::low_level_api_mutable` for modifications (mutable Mesh).
It goes without saying that using this API means leaving the hand-holding of the high-level API and there are no guarantees for what happens when the mesh is left in an inconsistent state.
Example: ::
pm::Mesh m;
auto ll = low_level_api(m);
ll.to_vertex_of(m.halfedges()[0]) = m.vertices[](7);
Copying a Mesh
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