Commit 37071edd authored by Aaron Grabowy's avatar Aaron Grabowy
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Fixed sample collision for tiny aabb1s

parent 244ebc3b
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......@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ TG_FUZZ_TEST_MAX_ITS(TypedGeometry, UniformGeneralProperties, 100)
// aabb
// TODO: And boundary
test_obj(samples1, tg::aabb1(minPos1, maxPos1));
test_obj(samples1, tg::aabb1(minPos1, maxPos1 + 0.1f)); // Give some space to place different samples
test_obj(samples2, tg::aabb2(minPos2, maxPos2));
test_obj(samples3, tg::aabb3(minPos3, maxPos3));
test_obj(samples4, tg::aabb4(minPos4, maxPos4));
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