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started aabb tests

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......@@ -21,3 +21,33 @@ TG_FUZZ_TEST(TypedGeometry, AABB)
CHECK(b.min.y <= p1.y);
CHECK(b.min.z <= p1.z);
TG_FUZZ_TEST(TypedGeometry, ObjectAABB)
auto bb2 = tg::aabb2(-10, 10);
auto bb3 = tg::aabb3(-10, 10);
auto test_obj = [&](auto obj) {
auto bb = aabb_of(obj);
auto p = uniform(rng, obj);
CHECK(contains(bb, p));
// aabb
test_obj(aabb_of(uniform(rng, bb2), uniform(rng, bb2)));
test_obj(aabb_of(uniform(rng, bb3), uniform(rng, bb3)));
// sphere
test_obj(tg::sphere2(uniform(rng, bb2), uniform(rng, 0.5f, 3.0f)));
test_obj(tg::sphere3(uniform(rng, bb3), uniform(rng, 0.5f, 3.0f)));
// segment
test_obj(tg::segment(uniform(rng, bb2), uniform(rng, bb2)));
test_obj(tg::segment(uniform(rng, bb3), uniform(rng, bb3)));
// triangle
test_obj(tg::triangle(uniform(rng, bb2), uniform(rng, bb2), uniform(rng, bb2)));
test_obj(tg::triangle(uniform(rng, bb3), uniform(rng, bb3), uniform(rng, bb3)));
// TODO: more
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