Commit f61a7c23 authored by Julius Nehring-Wirxel's avatar Julius Nehring-Wirxel
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Include correct feature fixed_int.

parent e5518eb5
......@@ -247,7 +247,7 @@ void generate_mul_file()
file << "#include <x86intrin.h>\n";
file << "#endif\n\n";
file << "#include <typed-geometry/feature/fixed_uint.hh>\n\n";
file << "#include <typed-geometry/feature/fixed_int.hh>\n\n";
file << "namespace tg::detail\n{\n";
file << "template <int w_res, class T0, class T1>\n";
file << "fixed_uint<w_res> mul(T0 const& lhs, T1 const& rhs);\n\n";
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