Commit 3f362346 authored by Aaron Grabowy's avatar Aaron Grabowy
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Fixed uniform distribution in solid pyramids

parent 0c9b77ee
......@@ -701,8 +701,9 @@ template <class ScalarT, class Rng>
template <class BaseT, class Rng>
[[nodiscard]] constexpr pos<3, typename BaseT::scalar_t> uniform(Rng& rng, pyramid<BaseT> const& p)
using ScalarT = typename BaseT::scalar_t;
const auto n = normal_of(p.base);
const auto h = pow2(detail::uniform01<typename BaseT::scalar_t>(rng));
const auto h = ScalarT(1) - cbrt(detail::uniform01<ScalarT>(rng));
const auto pBase = uniform(rng, p.base);
return mix(pBase, centroid_of(p.base), h) + h * p.height * n;
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