Commit c3026fe2 authored by Philip Trettner's avatar Philip Trettner
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Merge branch 'feature/msvc-compatibility' into 'develop'

Fix ambiguous overload error on MSVC

See merge request !38
parents fa3b3327 3ffb681f
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ template <class Rng, class Container>
TG_NODISCARD constexpr auto random_choice(Rng& rng, Container const& c) -> decltype(c[c.size()])
TG_CONTRACT(c.size() > 0 && "cannot pick from an empty container");
return c[uniform(rng, 0, c.size() - 1)];
return c[uniform(rng, tg::u64(0), tg::u64(c.size() - 1))];
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