Commit ce80a2d9 authored by Philip Trettner's avatar Philip Trettner
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Merge branch 'zs/fix-comp-zero' into 'develop'

fixes comp::zero errors

See merge request !108
parents 36314b73 688efcbc
#pragma once
#include <typed-geometry/types/comp.hh>
#include <typed-geometry/types/dir.hh>
#include <typed-geometry/types/mat.hh>
#include <typed-geometry/types/pos.hh>
......@@ -300,6 +301,15 @@ const size<4, ScalarT> size<4, ScalarT>::ones = {ScalarT(1), ScalarT(1), ScalarT
template <class ScalarT>
const size<4, ScalarT> size<4, ScalarT>::unit = {ScalarT(1), ScalarT(1), ScalarT(1), ScalarT(1)};
template <class ScalarT>
const comp<1, ScalarT> comp<1, ScalarT>::zero = {ScalarT(0)};
template <class ScalarT>
const comp<2, ScalarT> comp<2, ScalarT>::zero = {ScalarT(0), ScalarT(0)};
template <class ScalarT>
const comp<3, ScalarT> comp<3, ScalarT>::zero = {ScalarT(0), ScalarT(0), ScalarT(0)};
template <class ScalarT>
const comp<4, ScalarT> comp<4, ScalarT>::zero = {ScalarT(0), ScalarT(0), ScalarT(0), ScalarT(0)};
template <int C, int R, class ScalarT>
const mat<C, R, ScalarT> mat<C, R, ScalarT>::zero = {};
template <int C, int R, class ScalarT>
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