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grid setup example

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glow-extras @ cde6404d
Subproject commit 0572710a52847290ab7737b7aa15e574d8c11d9c
Subproject commit cde6404dda41c07e0e5b91d56a98d5367811198d
polymesh @ b1127d01
Subproject commit 3f347c61cb46210fc4a983434a7d26382eb697ef
Subproject commit b1127d018c403e96f693765b98124e585a705f15
typed-geometry @ ea2785c9
Subproject commit c9fd6f7cd6df3a07eec76d67364c75f91acbec49
Subproject commit ea2785c9dbb3ef87fa16d83ced70e8ee7d0b29b3
......@@ -364,6 +364,7 @@ void advanced_configs(pm::vertex_attribute<tg::pos3> const& pos)
gv::view(pos, gv::ssao_radius(0.2f), "smaller SSAO");
gv::view(pos, gv::tonemap_exposure(1.5f), "tonemapping");
gv::view(pos, tg::aabb3(-2, 2), "custom scene AABB");
gv::view(pos, gv::grid_size(0.3f), gv::grid_center({1, 2, 3}), "custom grid configuration");
gv::view(pos, gv::print_mode, "print-friendly mode");
gv::view(pos, gv::background_color(tg::color3::blue), "custom BG color");
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